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In a world where executives and companies face countless challenges, Marte & Associates, LLC. provides a unique approach that guides clients through these obstacles and teaches them how to handle future hardships.


With a focus on leadership development, wise decision-making, and creative problem solving, Marte & Associates, LLC. has been helping the professional community since 2017. Their clients include startup founders, corporate executives, and organizations of all sizes.


Hello, my name is Miguel Marte. I'm an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant who helps executives and leaders manage complex changes and improve their organizational effectiveness. 


As a scientist-practitioner, I apply the findings, processes, principles of science, and scientific investigations to the workplace. 


 As a retired combat veteran, I have a unique perspective on the workplace. I believe leadership is part of all aspects of life, and it's not exclusive to people in high positions of authority. Some are aware of their level of influence, and some are not. When focusing on the intentionality of the moment, anyone can deliver the desired results. 


 My theoretical and practical experiences, training, and resources have given me the lens to view challenges objectively. With my skills, and a process of inquiry and open dialogue, I serve as a thought partner to help clients examine and develop their decision-making. My approach enables clients to experiment with new ways of thinking and existing while committing to action steps that help implement their goals.


Consulting is about getting results. You can only do that by communicating with others to make a connection. My communication style is a balance of humor and energy. My overall objective is to add massive value to my clients and build trust, loyalty, inspiration, purpose, and direction.


My Personal Code

1. Add immense value

2. Integrity and honesty in all interactions

3. Be vulnerable 

4. Seek improvement

5. Be consistent 

Consultant | Speaker | Trainer | Coach


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